Soaperhero Monthly Giving Program

Soap Cycling Recurring Giving Campaign


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Hong Kong last year, the city’s marginalised residents were underresourced or underserved and suffered more during a crisis like this. To counter these effects, Soap Cycling launched Soap-to-cope program in March 2020 to distribute Hygiene Kits including face masks, hand sanitisers and soaps to the underprivileged groups, including the homeless, street cleaners, the elderly, Ethnic Minorities and the family living in sub-divided flats. In 2020, more than 8,550 Hygiene Kits have been distributed.

Soap Cycling fought for the rights of the socially disadvantaged group including cleaners and sanitation workers on the frontlines of the fight against the pandemic, seeking the help from corporates, funders as well as donors to provide these life-saving items on an ongoing basis. Since 2019 Soap Cycling also has been actively doing a series of hygiene distributions in various communities across The Philippines. Particularly in Iloilo City and it’s provinces.


Donations and contributions to Soap Cycling’s advocacy and development initiatives can  benefit those most in need. A monthly gift of HK$50 can provide soap usage for 25 underprivileged kids for the entire year.

Once a monthly donor, you’ll receive:

  • Quarterly Newsletter and updates from Soap Cycling

  • Exclusive Welcome gift to begin your journey with Soap Cycling

  • A chance to join either one of our Recycling Soap session or Upcycling Soap Making workshop as well as other Soap Cycling’s session.

Personal Hygiene for the underprivileged is a priority. Please support Soap Cycling and becoming a Soaperhero Monthly Giver today.


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