SOAPer School Program

The SOAPer School Program is a fundraising project of Soap Cycling to promote hygiene in Asia. We invite you to consider becoming a sponsor. Donate as little as HK$3,000 can support the hygiene kits with soap and logistic costs for one entire school for one year. At the same time support the teachers to educate students on handwashing and personal hygiene within the partner school. We target to support 190 schools totally in Asia to fight COVID-19.

Every year, 1.4 million children are dying from largely preventable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea, but this can be greatly reduced by a very straightforward solution – handwashing. Handwashing with soap and water is proved to eliminate germs including viruses and is the basic of good hygiene. Even if it is a used soap bar, it is still simple, cost effective and a proven lifesaver, because soap bars cannot transmit disease. However, there are a lot of impoverished communities in the world that cannot afford soap, soap is a luxury rather than a necessity. Handwashing with soap, critical in the fight against coronavirus, is ‘out of reach’ for billions.


On the other hand, hotels around the world throw 5 million soap bars in the bin daily, and end up wastefully filling landfills. This is a disaster for the environment and a social travesty given that many people around the world are going without proper sanitation.

Through the SOAPer School Program,  we can create a more sustainable environment and at the same time reduce preventable hygiene-related diseases and suffering by distributing this life-saving resource to where it is needed the most.

SOAPer School Program - Example

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