Team Work: Cleaning & packing soap alongside Singapore's migrant workers

As part of the operations team at Soap Cycling Singapore, I have visited several hotels around town to help with the collection of soap. But more than just the logistics side of things, I’ve also sat in on a few soap reprocessing and packing sessions with the migrant worker community at SGcare Centre. Soap Cycling does not only channel unused or lightly used soap to them, but also provides them an opportunity to participate in the scraping and packing of soaps for distribution.

Lim Zheng Xiang (center) leads a group of Chinese migrant workers at SG Accident Help Centre in preparing soap for distribution

I was tasked with introducing our work to a small group of Chinese migrant workers, and it’s encouraging to see how in just a short few months, they are now deeply engaged in volunteering with us, even swiftly delegating roles among themselves, and checking if the standards of their scraping were acceptable. I had the opportunity to hear the migrant workers share about their families and, sometimes, they would even correct common mistakes in our spoken Mandarin. These light-hearted moments evidently lifted the spirits and brought smiles to their faces, who aren’t able to continue working due to their injuries.

Through volunteering with us, the workers have found a meaningful activity to keep them occupied, especially at a time when their spirits are low given their inability to work. The workers may see themselves on the receiving end of help, but we often remind them they are contributing to a meaningful cause that benefits many others too. ~ Lim Zheng Xiang

Zheng Xiang is a second-year Accountancy undergrad at NUS. He is a Mandopop fan and enjoys playing badminton.