• CK Li

When you travel, you save a life

Updated: May 9, 2020

Can you imagine by supporting us, you can save a life from COVID-19 now and whenever you travel in the future?


Whenever you travel and check out from a hotel, you won't take away any soap like most of the people. As a result of this, over billion bars of soap are thrown away each year by hotels in Asia. While ironically, there are millions of people on earth don't have soap and they die from this. It's horrible, right?

Soap Cycling is Asia’s first and largest soap recycling charity: we work with hotels, corporate, volunteers, charities and students to recycle soap and distribute it to those who need it the most.​ By collecting your left behind soap from hotels, Soap Cycling is helping to eliminate tonnes of chemical waste from our landfills and simultaneously saving lives by distributing the most simple and effective life-saving resource: SOAP. It's that important!


In these desperate times, soap can play a crucial role in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Washing with soap and water is an effective way to destroy and dislodge many microbes, including the coronavirus. It does not only wipe viruses off hands and send them down the drain but also annihilate the viruses. Besides soap and hygiene kits, we are also committed to providing hygiene education and enhancement to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and have been working very hard to provide as many life-saving resources as we can to different places in Asia.

So far we recycled and distributed 4300 kg or 180,000 bars of soap, also provided over 30,000 face masks and over 30,000 hand sanitizers in Asia this year to combat the novel conoravirus.

#Soapin18 campaign With the outbreak of COVID19, Soap Cycling increased its effort on distribution at the city of its headquarter, as Hong Kong society has become more aware of the importance of personal hygiene including washing hands with soap. The Soapin18 campaign aimed to serve in all 18 districts delivering hygiene kits containing soap and hand sanitizer. 

#SoaptoCope campaign From our conversations with street cleaners, we learned that they are not provided with protective gear. So we updated our educational leaflets to make them relevant to street cleaners, and when we got donations of masks, we packed special kits for these front line workers: information, masks, sanitizer, and of course, soap for proper hand washing.

More in Action

Helping migrant worker in Singapore

As a global hub, Singapore has been severely impacted by the sudden onset of Covid-19. The economy and society there have been hit hard, and people are struggling every day with fear and uncertainty.

Most vulnerable among us are our nation's low-income families and migrant worker populations, who lack the resources to purchase necessities, such as soap, required to prevent infection.

With your help, we hope to distribute 20,000 bars of soap locally in the next 6 months to help 5,000 vulnerable individuals in our community keep healthy in these difficult times.

Helping poverty community Myanmar

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it unprecedented challenges across the world, and developing countries such as Myanmar, have been severely affected by the crisis, with vast economic impacts to the economy and its people. Many people in Myanmar do not have the facilities or privileges to effectively handle the current outbreak, ranging from “work from home” privileges to ensured access to hygiene amenities. Low-income families in poor regions keep struggling and risk their lives in the process. We need your support in helping these underprivileged communities receive hygiene necessities. With your contribution, we aim to distribute 25,000 bars of soap to 1,500 households with families of 5, which is enough for showering and intensive handwashing over a 3 month period.


Our daily work in Asia

Corporate team building and volunteering

Soap Cycling works with many companies as part of their philanthropic, CSR, volunteering, and team-building exercises. With their help we are able to recycle more than 100 tonnes of soap these years and benefit millions of people. Every year we organize different team building activities and volunteer session for hundred of corporate, so that they can not only fulfill their CSR but also improving employee relation.

Community serving and social inclusion

We work with elderly, minority, and autistic population to process the soap, as well as to hold different activities. We recruit corporate volunteers and university students as our Soap Angels, to distribute soap with both physical and mental health knowledge. We hope to use soap as a medium to build a better society.

Youth empowerment

We have intentionally structured our organization to allow university students and other young people to hold positions of authority and responsibility. We have provided students with the perfect platform to gain hands-on experience in managing and operating an social enterprise. They are given the opportunity to meet external parties, discuss legal issues, develop strategy, and much more. Most importantly, it ensures that they are infused with an appreciation for corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, and the importance of giving back in society. Read more


Novel coronavirus, pneumonia and diarrhea, etc are the leading causes of death for children under the age of five, more than a third of under-five deaths among children here can be attributed either directly or indirectly to pneumonia. Simply washing hands with soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent children from suffering from these diseases.

With your support, Soap Cycling can save and give out soap, giving it has a second life, and this second life of soap in turn save a human life. With your support, you know Soap Cycling have got your back and you can make contribution when you travel next time.

Let's make an impact and save lives together by supporting us! You can always contact us at info@soapcycling.org if you have any questions.