Soap Cycling Welcomes New General Manager On Board

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Soap Cycling Welcomes New General Manager On Board

Hong Kong, 29 November 2019 - Soap Cycling, Asia’s first and largest youth-led soap recycling charity, bids farewell to Patrick Davis and welcomes Ronald Ho as its new General Manager.

First joining Soap Cycling as an intern and later as General Manager in 2016, Patrick Davis has led the expansion of Soap Cycling’s operations into Shenzhen and Singapore. In addition to diversifying fundraising channels to maintain operations, Pat also developed strategic marketing plans to promote Soap Cycling’s mission, and actively fostered engagement with various stakeholders, from corporate, academic, NGOs to government sectors.

Patrick’s passion in creating a more equitable and sustainable world for all was evidenced in Soap Cycling’s launch of the “MEY (美) Program”, which aims to empower the elderly, minority, and youth in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Hong Kong; the recycling of single-use bottled hotel amenities in addition to lightly-used soap bars; the direct distribution of upcycled hotel shampoo and shower gel to low-income families; as well as the leadership development opportunities offered to over 200 university students through internship at Soap Cycling.

We at Soap Cycling would like to express our immense gratitude to Patrick for his tireless work in expanding the charity’s positive impact at home and abroad.

As we welcome on board our new General Manager, Ronald Ho, we look forward to a new journey of further impact as he brings with him his 12 years of managerial experience in an international charity’s recycling program.

"It is really a marvelous opportunity for me to join Soap Cycling,” said Ronald. “While I am starting a new page in my career, I am glad to be still serving a charity, and contribute to positive environmental impact and youth and elderly empowerment. I am surprised to know that the simple act of scraping lightly-used soap bar can save the lives of so many people. It is my honor to be a member of such an impactful organization. Moving forward, I endeavor to enlarge the positive impact of Soap Cycling, with the valuable support of our stakeholders."

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Soap Cycling

Founded in 2012 as a charity organization that collects single-use soap bars from hotels in Hong Kong, to be reprocessed and distributed to disadvantaged communities which lack access to sanitary resources, Soap Cycling is devoted to youth empowerment and community engagement by providing these members of community with practical and meaningful work experiences, and exposure to social responsibility.

Soap Cycling has grown its hotel partnership network to over 80 in Hong Kong, and more than 100 hotels overseas. Since 2017, Soap Cycling has added bottled hotel amenities to its recycling program, and the MEY Program has also been introduced as an empowerment initiative for disadvantaged youth and elderly by providing them with employment opportunities with a fair wage.