Soap Cycling Singapore: Meet Jeremy

I am Soap Cycling Singapore'sfirst student intern-turned-advisor; I spent six months with Soap Cycling Hong Kong in 2018, and continued to serve with SCSG at the start of 2019.  

Why soap? You are not OCD, are you?No, no. Handwashing with soap removes germs, and prevents infections. This is especially important in rural regions in Southeast Asia where soap is not readily available. Soap goes a long way to improve the hygiene conditions of these communities. At Soap Cycling, we scrape the soap we get – I suppose being OCD is about making the soaps as pristine as possible before we send them out!

The six months spent with Soap Cycling Hong Kongwas nothing short of amazing! I am constantly thankful for the community and the team I had the privilege of working with.

The best part about itwas the people, and seeing the heartlands of Hong Kong; getting involved in the community. A core part of our local operations in Hong Kong involves the MEY (美) programme, a community- engagement cum work programme for the minority, elderly and youth. Interacting with the warm and friendly elderly during my time there was truly one of the most remarkable experiences!

I also made really close friends in Hong Kong through Soap Cycling – they were all a big part of my semester abroad in Hong Kong!

And the worst part leaving Hong Kong after all the warm friendships forged with the local interns and our MEY partners. Saying goodbye was the hardest part (and I still miss them all!)

Seeing the amount of soap wastage was a truly shocking sight! When I first saw the sheer amount of soap we recycle in Hong Kong (and subsequently in Singapore), it makes you wonder what would have otherwise happened if it wasn’t recycled. This is where I’m glad Soap Cycling is doing its part to reduce wastage in the hospitality industry.

Whenever someone says "Jeremy is such a nice person...." I blush and customarily deny it. 

You often hear me say this “Live life with minimal regrets!” In this spirit, we’re always trying to do our best to give back to the community we’re part of. I’m glad to have found Soap Cycling in Hong Kong and be a part of the team as we further our cause in Singapore.