Q&A with Angelo Roxas

Angelo Roxas is an advisor with SCSG, and is also one of our active volunteers. Angelo wears many hats –he’s the director of a private company which provides advisory services to SMEs and start ups in Asia, and is also advisor and co-founder to a number of social enterprises. He’s the chair for cybersecurity at the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and is also the President of the University of Penn and Wharton alumni club here. He moved to Singapore eight years ago from London and is now a Singapore PR.

Earlier this year, he sponsored the shipment of 100kg reprocessed soap from SCSG for two medical missions in Malabon City and Ilo Ilo. He also personally brought soap over recently to Manila – the bars were distributed to a charity in the Philippines that support disadvantaged families.

How did you get involved in SCSG?

I first learned about it through a BBC programme which featured Soap Cycling in Hong Kong. I checked out their website and wrote in. When I visited Hong Kong, I participated in a Soap Cycling corporate event and became more involved. I even hosted a Soap Cycling event with my firm at the time.

There are many other popular zero-waste initiatives. Why soap?

Prior to my banking career, I worked as a management consultant and travelled very often and stayed at many different hotels, so the idea of recycling soap bars resonated with me. Also, I was born in the Philippines, so I know the value and challenges of proper hygiene.

What drives your passion?

I want to make a measurable impact on the organisations that I am involved with, so I limit the number of projects which I engage in. I enjoy working with other supporters and volunteers of SCSG, as I get energy from their own passion and drive for our mission.

You are also involved in charities in the Philippines. How did it all start?

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always been involved in charitable works in Philadelphia where I grew up and in Asia. Every year, they travel to the Philippines to assist with a medical mission to help disadvantaged families and orphanages in Malabon City and Ilo Ilo. They work with doctors and dentists to provide free medical check-ups and provide food to some of the neediest people.

Working with charities was part of my childhood. I have my parents to thank for sparking my interest in charities and sustainability, and I continue now with my wife who also shares my interests and passion.

Your hopes for SCSG.

I am excited that we now have a local team. My hope is that we get a permanent office with enough space to support our ambition and be connected closely with the community we want to support. Given the current global issues, I believe everyone would agree that the need for better hygiene and organisations like Soap Cycling are more relevant and even more important today!