Passnotes with our Intern, Jiin-Linn

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I am Soap Cycling Singapore's… Tannest human ever!

Why soap?  In Singapore, soap is easily accessible – you can just buy it at any store, which is probably also

why most of us take it for granted. However, there are disadvantaged communities who do not

have access to soap, which also means putting themselves at a higher risk of contracting hygiene-related

diseases solely because they don’t have access to proper sanitation. And I want to change that.

A day without soap...Is like a day without the outdoors for me – UNIMAGINABLE!

My natural habitats are the trees, sunshine and the waters, which means getting down and

dirty for most parts of my day. So if I go a day without soap, I’ll be the female version of Tarzan – except an unattractive one whom no one would want to go near to.

The past few months with SCSG…Has been an adventure (yay)! It’s been an eye-opener –

a first-hand experience volunteering with an NGO and understanding how different

stakeholders come together to bring fruition to certain projects.

The best part…I meet people from all walks of life - the migrant workers, people who pursue careers

with non-profit organisations, the individuals passionate about supporting social enterprises, all of whom

I don’t usually get the opportunity to build a relationship with on a normal school day. I’ve always thought

that the best way to learn was to converse with all kinds of people, and here I am doing just that!

You only have so much time to lead your own life, so why not live someone else’s through the conversations

they take you through?

It can’t be all that rosy…Well, it definitely hasn’t been easy trying to debunk the myths of

recycling soap, but baby steps it is! Also, it’s hard for some people to see the real impact of

recycling soap because of the privileged society we live in, but I’m confident that

over time, people will be able to appreciate our efforts more!

Seeing the amount of soap wastage…Scares me, but also motivates me to be more aware and

conscious of the products I use in my daily life!

You will find me awake at...Anytime before 7am! I love early mornings - it feels as if I have the

entire world to myself just for a few moments. After getting a workout, I take a good shower

(that’s where the soap comes in!), cook my own breakfast, and I am ready to conquer the day!

Being out in the sun…is part and parcel of my life. I like to think I’m a plant, and all I need is

sunshine, water and oxygen!

If I could wind back the clock, I would...Have pushed myself out of my comfort zone more

when I was younger! It actually makes a whole lot of difference - taking risks and knowing that

you could fail - because it challenges you in a good way. You learn a lot from challenges!

Jiin completed her six-month internship with SCSG. We wish her all the best.