Festive Cheer

We conducted a soap scraping workshop for 50 Amex staff last December, turning their office Christmas party into a meaningful and collaborative event by setting aside two hours to reprocess some 60kg of gently used soap for distribution to slum communities in Manila.

SCSG’s managing director Pat kicked off the session with an upbeat introduction of how soap can change lives and how Soap Cycling is enabling this. We invited two migrant workers, Rob from Bangladesh and Yun Long from China to join us – both are seasoned volunteers with us and had plenty of tips to share on soap scraping with the participants! They guided the corporate volunteers on safe and proper soap scrap techniques.

Through this simple soap activity, the Amex staff bonded and laughter filled the room against the backdrop of festive Christmas music. The more creative participants made Christmas cards and wrote wishes for the recipients. The soaps and cards were eventually handed out to children in the slums of metro Manila, thanks to Pat who flew to the city the next day.

“We tend to take the little things in life for granted. The work that SCSG does is a great reminder of how we can collectively make small efforts to reduce waste and impact lives whilst providing a meaningful platform for corporate team bonding sessions. SCSG made the organising process seamless and hassle-free, and we look forward to having them back again soon! Looking at the pictures of the smiley children holding onto a bar of soap, I realise how meaningful our actions can be. Keep ‘cycling’!”

- Natalie Lim, Manager, AMEX

Thank you, Amex, for making SCSG part of your festive celebrations!

~ Tracy Yeow