Founder's Story

David Bishop is an American-trained lawyer who came to Hong Kong with his family in 2007. In 2009, Mr. Bishop joined the Business Faculty at The University of Hong Kong, teaching an array of law and ethics courses. David had the idea to start Soap Cycling in 2011 after a year spent searching for internship and leadership opportunities for his students.


Students in Hong Kong often graduate from university without significant work experience due to a culture that encourages students to study rather than get part time jobs or internships. Of the 18% of Hong Kong high school graduates who score well enough to attend college, many are unprepared for decision making, leadership roles, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Accordingly, businesses do not place much trust in student interns, and the duties of interns are often limited to getting coffee, making copies, and shadowing people. Bishop wanted to provide meaningful experiences for his students and decided if he couldn’t find good opportunities for them, he would create them. He asked a group of them if they would be willing to run a company if he agreed to put up his time and capital to start the business. After giving them some plausible business ideas, the students selected Soap Cycling.


From that time, Mr. Bishop and his students have worked to expand Soap Cycling's reach and impact -  and Soap Cycling has expanded to several countries. And from this experience, David has learned how to support and grow social businesses. As a result, several social businesses and NGOs have been created or helped by Mr. Bishop and his students, particularly through his Social Venture Management Internship Course at The University of Hong Kong.


Soap Cycling's Original Introduction Video from 2012: 
Mr. Bishop Speaking at the 14th Hong Kong Forum hosted by the HKTDC: 
A panel discussion at the 14th Hong Kong Forum hosted by the HKTDC: 

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