Soap Cycling @ Lee Tung Avenue

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再皂福 @ 利東街


Come and visit us at Lee Tung Avenue!


This February and March, Soap Cycling will hold exhibition and Holiday Service Counter at Lee Tung Avenue. We promote environmental protection and hope to make this Christmas lovely and meaningful.


At Lee Tung Avenue, you can enjoy Soap Cycling artwork made from 1,000 wasted amenity bottles, the marvelous Butterflies of Hope Illumination Art, and kids butterfly-themed art. Soap Cycling also invites you to learn about DIY upcycling ideas at our Holiday Service Counter near Queens Road East Entrance.



​Support Soap Cycling by participating our charity event:


We have prepared soap and handicraft ideas for you. The soap is made from rescued coconut oil and molded in upcycled milk cartons. Please donate to us online to secure your soap, then come and redeem your soap/handicraft at the below time and place:


Time:2:00pm - 6:00pm


Venue:Soap Cycling Holiday Service Counter, G/F, Lee Tung Avenue (near Queen’s Road East Entrance)

* no exchange and no refund 

地點:利東街 G/F 再皂福服務站(近皇后大道東入口)


Date:Jan 30 (Sat), Jan 31 (Sun), Feb 6 (Sat), Feb 7 (Sun), Feb 14 (Sun), Feb 15 (Mon), Feb 20(Sat), Feb 21 (Sun), Feb 27 (Sat), Feb 28 (Sun), Mar 6 (Sat), Mar 7 (Sun), Mar 13 (Sat), Mar 14 (Sun), Mar 20 (Sat), Mar 21 (Sun), Mar 27 (Sat), Mar 28 (Sun)


Soap 肥皂

     min. donation :

HKD 80 / bar

 HKD 80 / pair

     最低捐款額 :

80元 / 塊

80元 / 對

Handicraft for DIY


min. donation :

HKD 30 / pack

最低捐款額 :

 30元 / 袋