What is Soap Cycling?

Soap Cycling is a non-profit organization which aims to reduce preventable child deaths in Southeast Asian countries and to contribute to the overall MDG4 target of reducing the under-five mortality rate. Soap Cycling establishes long term collaborations with hotels to collect, recycle and then distribute their used soap. The soap is distributed through our partner NGOs primarily to disadvantaged youth in underprivileged areas in Asia. For more information see our "Who" and "What" pages.

Why focus on soap?

Soap is one of the most important yet underrated tools in the fight against disease and malnutrition. By recycling hotel soap, we are able to take something that is otherwise filling our landfills and recycle it into something that can save the lives of thousands of children each year.

What effect does soap have on hygiene and sanitation?

Anti-bacterial properties of soap act to keep people away from germs when used in hand washing, thus improving sanitation in poor regions. Hand washing with soap significantly reduces the impact of two fatal diseases: acute respiratory infection (e.g., pneumonia) and diarrheal disease. According to UNICEF, there is consistent evidence that hand washing with soap at critical times — including before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet can reduce diarrheal risk by about 45%.

How does Soap Cycling help the environment?

Over two million bars of soap are thrown away each year, just by hotels in Hong Kong alone. By collecting this soap, Soap Cycling is helping to eliminate thousands of pounds of chemical waste from our landfills each month.

What is the MEY (美) program?

They MEY (美) Program is a new initiative being implemented in Hong Kong with a chief focus on empowering Hong Kong's disadvantaged youth and elderly who will get a chance to lead and be empowered, plus a fair wage for their time and work, and simultaneously bringing them together with other members of the HK community. Please refer to the “MEY (美) Program” page for more details.

How can I contribute to Soap Cycling?

You can help — and get involved with — Soap Cycling in many different ways. Among others, you could opt to donate to help us increase our impact, you could devote time as a volunteer, you could donate soap, and if you’re a student, you could do a student internship with us. Also, even if you cannot donate or volunteer, you would help us if you spread the word about Soap Cycling and our cause. Read more about the ways you could get involved at the “Help” page.

How does a corporate go about volunteering with Soap Cycling?

Soap Cycling is renown for its corporate volunteering events, and host numerous of these throughout the year. If you are a corporate looking for an enjoyable and meaningful volunteering experience, contact Soap Cycling at info@soapcycling.org.